#3607 LUCIANO A., ROMANO' S., Universita e lavoro. Una misura del mismatch tra istruzione e occupazione, 2017

Data Documento: 2017-01-01
Autori: Adriana Luciano, Sara Romanò
Autorità Emanante: Scuola democratica, n. 2, 2017, pp. 243-252
Area: Dottrina
"Some recent reforms of the Italian University educational system have compelled degree programs to indicate a range of occupational destinations for their graduates. The present article uses this information to elaborate a new measurement of educational match, as it compares occupational destinations indicated by courses with occupations attained by their graduates. Accordingly, our measure considers both vertical and horizontal dimensions of educational mismatch. One of the main results of our study, which focuses on causes and effects of educational mismatch is that some fields of study have different effects on matching probability and incomes depending on gender. Differences in educational matches and incomes are also associated with graduates' social backgrounds. We used AlmaLaurea's datasets on graduates from University of Turin (cohorts 2007-2009).". 

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